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41 Posdayas Regional Coordinator West Sumatra Advance to National Level

Padang - 31/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 31(Antara) - A total of 41 Postal Family Empowerment (of Posdaya) Regional Coordinator West Sumatra (West Sumatra) idea Damandiri Foundation chaired Haryono Suyono, authorized to compete at the national level after passing a number of research universities in West Sumatr..

BCA Finance Back Distributes Scholarships

Provinsi - 30/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 30  (Antara) - BCA Finance re-rolling the BCA Finance Scholarship program in 2014 to the students of the University of Bung Hatta (UBH) and other universities in Indonesia for 70 people achievers but less capable economically.

Public Relations UBH Indrawadi in..

UBH Holds Process Simulation Training Chemical Factory

Padang - 30/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 30 (Antara) - Department of Chemical Engineering University of Bung Hatta (UBH) Padang training software chemical engineering applications, to improve the competitiveness of students and graduates.

Public Relations UBH, Indrawadi said on Friday, the training prese..

West Sumatra Pours Money Companion BOS 4.7 Percent

Provinsi - 26/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 26 (Antara) - Government of West Sumatra in 2015 will pours money budget amounting to 4.7 percent of the allocation of school operational funds as matching funds BOS.

Funds from the state budget to the BOS program in West Sumatra reached Rp554 billion plus matching..

Agam Student Represent West Sumatra in Competition National Small Doctor

Kab. Agam - 26/08/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Agam

Lubukbasung,W.Sumatra, August 26 (Antara) - Nadila Permata Sukma, State Elementary School students (SDN) 63 Surabayo Lubukbasung, Agam District, West Sumatra province represents the physician assessment of small national competition on October 2014.

Head of SDN 63 Surabayo Lubukbasung Yasni..

West Sumatra Need Equitable for Quality Education

Provinsi - 25/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 25 (Antara) - Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno said the province he leads it needs an increase in the quality and equity of education opportunity.

"This is to reduce disparities at all levels of education and improving the quality of education," he said in ..

UBH Give Employment Opportunities

Padang - 24/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W.Sumatra, August 24 (Antara) – The Implementation of Campus Life Introduction for New Students (PKKMB) Faculty of Industrial Engineering, University of Bung Hatta (FTI-UBH) filled in, among others, to motivate and explain the opportunities and employment prospects for graduates (FTI).<..

Agam LDII Hold Socialization Insights Nationality

Kab. Agam - 22/08/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Agam

Lubukbasung, W.Sumatra, August 22 (Antara) - Regional Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute (DPD LDII) Agam district, West Sumatra national awareness held socialization and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), for 200 worshipers institutions in mosque Nursima Syarif o..

Agriculture Ministry Visited University of Andalas

Padang - 22/08/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W Sumatra, Aug 21 (Antara) - Minister of Agriculture Suswono made a visit to the University of Andalas (Unand) Padang in order to open the IV National Meeting of Agricultural Muslim Student Association (IMMPERTI) on Thursday.

"The presence of the Minister of Agriculture is ..

Agam Held Halal Bi Halal for Thousand of Teachers

Kab. Agam - 22/08/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Agam

Lubukbasung, W Sumatra, Aug 21 (Antara) - Agam Education, Youth, and Sports Office held a halal bi halal (post-Ramadhan gathering) for thousands of teachers and school supervisors at the Sport Center (GOR) Rang Agam Lubukbasung, Thursday.

Halalbihalal was attended by Agam Regent In..

Office of Padang Panjang Library Receives Number of Achievement

Padang Panjang - 21/08/2014 12:00 WIB

Padang Panjang

Padang Panjang, W.Sumatra, August 21 (Antara) - Office of Libraries, Archives and Documentation Padang Panjang Government achieved a number of accomplishments in the provincial championship.

"I just received the prize, form of trophy and money coaching for village libraries which submitted..

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