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Padang Panjang Health Office Educates Schools on Health

Padang Panjang - Today, 12:00 WIB

Padang Panjang

Padang Panjang, W Sumatra, Nov 27 (Antara) - Padang Panjang Health Office visits schools to provide healt guidance in order to educate students to implement healthy life behaviors.

"School age is a golden age for instilling the values of clean and healthy lifestyle," Head of Preve..

Bukittinggi Commemorated National Teachers Day

Bukittinggi - 26/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Bukittinggi, W Sumatra, Nov 25 (Antara) - The government of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra commemorated the National Teacher Day (HGN) 2014 and the 69th anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) at the City Hall courtyard, Tuesday. 

At the occasion, Bukittingg..

Suburbs Padang area Shortage of Teacher

Padang - 26/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W, Sumatra, Nov 26 (ANTARA) - Head of Education Department of Padang, Indang Dewata, admitted in the suburbs and the city limits is still a shortage of teachers, especially for certified teachers.

"Yes, nowadays deployment of teachers is still centered on the city alone, while in the..

ISI Campus will Built In Padangpariaman

Kab. Padang Pariaman - 24/11/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Padang Pariaman

Padangpariaman,W, Sumatra, Nov 24 (Antara) - Campus Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) will be built in Padangpariaman District, West Sumatra, as main campus development nowadays in Padang Panjang.

"We have reviewed the site development plan ISI campus in front of INS Wood Plant, Padangpariama..

Directorate general of Culture Kemdikbud Held Exhibit in Padang

Provinsi - 19/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W. Sumatra, Nov 19 (ANTARA) - Directorate Internalization of Values and Cultural Diplomacy, Directorate General of Culture Ministry of Education and of Culture (Kemdikbud) held exhibitions Indonesian culture with the title Wonders Folklore Archipelago in Museum Adityawarman, Padang.


Padang Gov"t Teacher Certification TPA and TPQ

Padang - 16/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W. Sumatra, Nov 16 (ANTARA ) - The government of Padang,in West Sumatra, give certification for teachers of Religious Education ( TPA ) and the Wildlife Education Al Quran are there.

Mayor of Padang, Mahyeldi Ansyarullah said on Wednesday , the certification was submitted to 920 tea..

Unand - LKBN Antara Agree to Develop Science Communication

Padang - 12/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W. Sumatra, Nov 12 (ANTARA ) - University of Andalas Padang with Perum LKBN Antara agreed to develop the science of communication and delivery of information about Unand and West Sumatra .

"This collaboration will lead to the development of communication at Unand , "Rector Unand Wer..

Agam Have Three Programs Improve Reading Interest

Kab. Agam - 10/11/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Agam

Lubukbasung, W.Sumatra, Nov 10 (ANTARA) - The government of Agam district, in West Sumatra, have three programs to increase interest in reading the local community.

Head of Archives and Library Agam, Danil  Defo said  on Sunday, the third program such as the first program in a wa..

Unand Hold Structural Management Training For Echelon

Padang - 07/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W. Sumatra, Nov 7(Antara)-University of AndalasPadangtrainingmanagerial capacityorstructuralmanagementforEchelonIIIandIV,in Padang,on Wednesday (5/11).

"This training aims toimprove communicationbetweenKabirotheheadsection, andthe head ofsub-sectioninthe daily activities," Vice ..

Unand will Improve Management Quality of State

Padang - 05/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W. Sumatra, Nov 5 (ANTARA) - University of Andalas Padang will improve the quality of the management of state property in the campus started late 2014 by socializing the rules thoroughly.

"One way to work in improving the quality of discipline is the implementation of existing regul..

Unand Develop Sakura Trees in Solok

Padang - 04/11/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W. Sumatra, Nov 4 (ANTARA) - University of Andalas (Andalas) Padang develop cherry trees in Alahan Panjang, Solok district,in West Sumatra.

We get help shoots a rod Sakura tree from Japan, and nowadays being grown in Solok, "Vice Rector Unand, Helmi said on Tuesday.

He explain..

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