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Implementation of UN First Day in Solok Selatan Smoothly

Kab. Solok Selatan - 15/04/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Solok Selatan

Padang Aro,W. Sumatra, April 15 (Antara) – The Implementation of National Examination (UN) school level in Solok Selatan on first day run smoothly without disturbance or significant obstacles, officials said.

"The process of implementation UN in this district in first day went well and no..

5.426 Students Follow UN In Agam

Kab. Agam - 13/04/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Agam

Lubukbasung, W.Sumatra,April 13(Antara)– A total of 5.426 Students Senior high school (SMA), Madrasyah Aliyah (MA) and SMK in Agam, W. Sumatra will be follow national exam on Monday April 14-16, 2014.

Secretary of Department Education, Youth and Sports Agam, Isra said on Saturday that 5.4..

4.778 Students In Padang Pariaman will Follow UN

Kab. Padang Pariaman - 12/04/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Padang Pariaman

Padangpariaman, W.Sumatra, April 12 (Antara) –A total of 4.778 students SMA in Education Office environment Padangpariaman district, West Sumatra province will follow the National Examination (UN) on April 14 to 17, 2014.

Head of Basic Education and District Education Office Padangpariam..

Disdik Finish Distribution Matter of National Exam in 19 areas

Provinsi - 12/04/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W. Sumatra,April 12 (Antara)- Provincial Education Department of West Sumatra complete the distribution of national exam (UN) for 12 districts and seven cities in West Sumatra, on Friday.

"Distribution national examination in 2014 to West Sumatra we finish on firday, and thank God th..

Padangpariaman Prepare 75 Hectare to UNP Campus

Kab. Padang Pariaman - 11/04/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Padang Pariaman

adangpariaman, W.Sumatra, April 11(Antara) –The government of Padangpariaman, in W.Sumatera prepare 75 hectare to location development UNP campus II.

Regent of Padangpariaman Ali Mukhni said it has been talked about the location of this land with Rector of UNP Yanuar Kiram and got a very ..

W. Sumatra STIE Built New Campus In Pariaman

Provinsi - 11/04/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang,W. Sumatra, April 11 (Antara) - W. Sumatra STIE built news campus in By Pass Pariaman, evidenced laying the first stone by Governor, Irwan Prayitno.

Implementation groundbreaking attended Head of Education, Syamsulrizal, Head of Public Relations Provincial Government Irwan, Chairman ..

Mentawai Gov't Allocate Rp522 Million to Holds FLS2N

Kab. Mentawai - 10/04/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Mentawai

Tuapejat, W.Sumatra, April 10 (Antara)–The government of Agam through the Education Department disburse the funds of Rp522 million more to hold Festival of National Students Art Competition (FLS2N) level Junior High School.

Head of Education Mentawai Sermon Sakerebau said on Thursday, the..

Regent Young Generation Optimistic Able to Generate Mentawai

Kab. Mentawai - 31/03/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Mentawai

Mentawai,W. Sumatra, March 31 (Antara) –Regent of Mentawai Island, in W. Sumatra Yudas Sabaggalet optimistic that the younger generation will be able to raise the area to progress and better direction.

"Seeing the spirit of young generation Mentawai, I am optimistic and confident Mentawai..

Solok Gov"t - UBH Cooperation Education and Community Services

Kab. Solok - 26/03/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Solok

Arosuka,W. Sumatra, March 26 (Antara) - Solok government cooperation with University of Bung Hatta (UBH) in education, research, and community service.

Solok regent Syamsu Rahim said on Tuesday, the cooperation was an attempt by local government to provide young people with religious and tr..

Unand Standardizes Laboratorium Facilities

Padang - 25/03/2014 12:00 WIB


Padang, W Sumatra, March 25(Antara Sumbar) - University of Andalas ( Unand ) Padang will standardize laboratory facilities around campus starting this year .

" Standardization is intended to make it easier to monitor all activities that occur in the laboratory making it more tr..

Tanah Datar Gov"t Receive Malaysia Teacher Group

Kab. Tanah Datar - 24/03/2014 12:00 WIB

Kab. Tanah Datar

Batusangkar, W. Sumatra, March 24 (Antara) – Tanahdatar District Government, West Sumatra,welcomed the arrival Institute of Teacher Education (IPG) Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Johor State Building Indojolito Batusanggkar, Friday March 21.

Entourage IPG Tun Hussein Onn led by Puan Jaimah Bint..

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