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Kab. Agam - 16/07/2013 12:00 WIB

Agam Gov''t Targets 2,500 Ha ''Minapolitan'' Area

Lubukbasung, W Sumatra, July 16 (Antara) - The government of Agam district, West Sumatra targets as much as 2,500 hectares of ‘minapolitan’ area in four sub-districts in the region.

Head of Agam Marine and Fisheries Office Ermanto, on Tuesday, said the target of 2,500 hectares are located in the sub-district of Baso, Lubukbasung, Tilatang Kamang and Kamang Magek.

"The program will be carried out in stages and scheduled to be done by 2015," he said.

Currently, there are already five hectares of ‘minapolitan’ area, each hectare has received fund of Rp8 million from the State Budget (APBN) of 2013.

Rp8 million was used to buy fish seeds, vaccines or drugs and 320 kilograms of fish food.

" Rp43 million has used to establish these five hectares ‘minapolitan’ in order to obtain 73,802 tons fish production during 2013," he added.

Furthermore, he said, the production target is based on a contract between the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia to the governor, regents and mayors of West Sumatra.

Agam has the potential of fisheries, such as calm water pond with an area of 2,900 hectares spread over 16 sub-districts with a production of about 5,417 tons per year, floating cages as much as 14,431 units to 48,024 tons of production per year.

In addition, it also has jetted tub as much as 260 hectares with production of 71 tons per year, fishing bussiness with 43 kilometer long beach with a potential production of about 6,157 tons per year.

"Fishing bussiness is equipped with fishing gear tramel net as much as 749 units, 18 units of trolling boats and other necessities," Ermanto said. (** / ari)

Translating by D Selvina


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