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Kab. Pasaman Barat - 24/03/2013 12:00 WIB

300 Pre-school Teachers in W Pasaman Attend Seminar

Simpang Ampek, W Sumatra, March 24 (Antara) - Some 300 pre-school teachers in West Pasaman district, West Sumatra, took part in a national education training and seminar on how to optimize the potentials of pre-school age children.

The activity was aimed at motivating pre-school teachers to become character educators, chief of the Indonesian pre-school education association of West Pasaman chapter Nur Syahrul said on Sunday.

Teachers play a pivotal role in instilling good knowledge in pre-school age children, she said.

Smart teachers will be able to shape smart children, she said.

"The success of children is shaped in the earliest years of their lives. In this connection, pre-school teachers play a strategic role in optimizing the potentials of pre-school age children," she said.

She expressed hope that by attending the training and seminar, the pre-school teachers will be able to broaden their knowledge particularly how to teach children in a class room.

Reporting by Altas Maulana, editing by Suharto


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