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Kab. Pesisir Selatan - 20/03/2013 12:00 WIB

Pesisir Selatan Tourism Development Receives Thumbs Up

Painan, W Sumatra, March 20 (Antara) – The West Sumatra provincial government has given the thumbs up to the Pesisir Selatan district administration to develop the tourism industry.

"The tourism potential of this district is very large and is not inferior to that of the rest of the country. Let’s continue the development of the tourism industry and we will always support it,” West Sumatra Vice Governor Muslim Kasim said here on Tuesday.

In support of the district’s tourism industry, he said the provincial government will try to build a four-star hotel with 400 rooms in 2014.

It is ironical that Pesisir Selatan which is the second largest tourist destination in West Sumatra after Bukittinggi does not have a star-rated hotel, he said.

The absence of star-rated hotels has so far posed an obstacle to the promotion of the district’s tourism industry, he said.

Pesisir Selatan now only has non-star hotels and tourists cannot stay longer as a result.

The lack of world-class accomodations also has prompted a number of tourists to cancel their plan to spend their time enjoying tourist attractions in the district.

The district is known for its beaches, natural scenery and cultural heritage, and marine tourist site. Among the popular beach is Carocok Painan.

Tourists visiting the marine tourist site can enjoy a number of tourist facilities including banana boat, and jetsky.

Data from the local tourism office show an avarage of 1,500 people visit the marine tourist site on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The district also has many other tourist sites to offer, such as Mandeh tourist resort in Koto XI Tarusan and root bridge.

The Mandeh tourist resort has many small islands surrounding it, while the root bridge located Nagara Bayang Utara subdistrict and made of large trees’ roots cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Reporting by Agung Pambudi P, editing by Suharto


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