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Kab. Solok Selatan - 11/12/2013 12:00 WIB

Solok Selatan Police to call Society to Activate Poskamling

Padang Aro, W. Sumatra, Dec 11 (Antara) - Police Solok Selatan, in West Sumatra called on the local community to activate security office environment (Poskamling) to prevent crime, especially at night.

Police Solok Selatan AKBP Nanang Putu Wardianto said here on Wednesday that the recent criminal acts in the area often occur at night because of the presence of poskamling expected to prevent it.

"With the citizens who patrol at night so if there are criminal actions can be directly handled so that it can reduce losses that will be experienced by the citizens," he explained.

According to him, the citizens do not just rely on the police to prevent crime but the most important role of citizens.

"The police only received a report after the crime occurred while the citizens with poskamling can prevent not until the incident, "he explained.

Therefore, he added, where poskamling very important in a Jorong and Village to prevent crime, especially at night.

He said, to activate this poskamling then the police will call the head of jorong and village trustee.

"We will discuss with the village trustees and head of jorong to reactivate this poskamling because this is the most effective way to reduce the crime rate, "he explained.

In the last month have occurred in Solok Selatan theft of action in the evening as much as four times.

Three times among thieves take rice or grain citizens who have been placed in the mill or Huller while the other one three cows citizen brought at once. (**/rik)

Translated by Cici Revalin@


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