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Padang - 16/07/2013 12:00 WIB

Unand Has Opportunity to Develop "Ekoedutainment" Campus

Padang, W Sumatra, July 16 (Antara Sumbar) – Ecology researcher from Faculty of Biology, Andalas University (Unand) Padang Dr. Wilson Novarino said that Unand has big opportunity to develop “ekoedutainment”.

“Unand is campus that has many resources, such as nature, education, and culture. It can be the identity,” he said in Padang, Tuesday.

He said, Unand must be paid attention to several things, such as Unand can be one of green campus by planting bougainvillea, teak, and palm tree type of Felicium.

With ecology can make good habit for organism. For that, planting green plant that can produce something must be prioritized, such as medicine plants.

Wilson added, Unand is one of central sciences that must be developed. So agriculture scientists must think about development of agriculture around Unand areas, which can produce economic value.

It can make Unand is known not only as campus but also green tourism object. (**/den)

Translating by Anggi VD


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