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Pariaman - 01/03/2013 12:00 WIB

"Hoyak Tabuik" Becomes Pariaman Fixed Calendar: Irman

Pariaman, W Sumatera, Mar 01 (Antara Sumbar) - Chief of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD-RI), Irman Gusman asks Pariaman City Government, West Sumatera to make "Hoyak Tabuik" becomes fixed calendar, not only tourism icon of this city.

"Hoyak Tabuik must be the fixed calendar for introducing Pariaman City tourism," Irman Gusman said after attended a religious lesson of civil servant Pariaman City Government in Pariaman, on Friday.

According to him, Hoyak Tabuik has been made an icon by Pariaman City Government, for that it must be the leading sector for tourism industry in here.

"Pariaman has strategic area to develop tourism, because Pariaman is located not far from Minangkabau Airport" he said.

The concept that must be done by Pariaman City Government to attract tourists go to this city through Tabuik culture, is to make a great story, Tabuik will be proceed for one week, it could be imaged if tourists visit this event, which will increase the society's economy.

"In Tabuik, Pariaman society will perform traditional arts and Pariaman culinary, such as Sala Lauak, Nasi Seribu Kanyang (Nasi Sek)," he said.

He said, Pariaman City Government must organize the facilities to support and improve the tourism object.

"The main strength of society's economy in tourism industry is facility and infrastructure, such as hotel, restaurant, tour and travel agent, and souvenir," he said.

He added, if Pariaman tourism is organized with professionally by City Government, so this city will go forward and develop like other's area in Indonesia.

"In developing of Pariaman tourism sector, it must be proper with custom and Minang culture," he said.

Mukhlis Rahman, Mayor of Pariaman City said government will make "Pesta Tabuik" twice in a year with adding "Hoyak Tabuik Pariwisata" event.

"Pesta Tabuik" held in every year for celebrating Islamic New Year, which becomes fixed calendar West of Sumatera.

Because of this event is attracting for tourism visitation, so it will be presented "Seri II" event with named "Hoyak Tabuik Pariwisata," he said.

He added, "Pesta Tabuik" is different with "Hoyak Tabuik Pariwisata", "Pesta Tabuik" is held for celebrating Islamic New Year and organized with all of cultural processions, while "Hoyak Tabuik Pariwisata" is only one proession, namely "Hoyak" (marching and shaking) Tabuik.

"For the schedule, it will be decided later, but based on suggestion it will held on July 2, 2013, coincided with Pariaman City Anniversary. Although "Hoyak Tabuik Pariwisata" is not as big as "Pesta Tabuik", but it will increase the tourism visitation to Pariaman," he said. (*/der)

Translated by: Anggi VD


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