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Provinsi - 25/09/2013 12:00 WIB

BPBD W.Sumatra : Coastal Safe Housing Need

Padang,West Sumatra,September 25 (Antara)- Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) housing in West Sumatra declared the area fishing village into the affected areas prone to natural disasters,the need to secure housing.

The Center for Disaster Operations Control BPBDs Ade Edwar said here on Wednesday the central Sumatra BPBD to think and designe how the settlement of fishermen village.

Construction of homes of fishermen no longer spread along the coast,but in the form of flats that can function as a shelter.

"Currently we are designed how existed residential areas around the coast can be more feasible to be occupied,and can serve as a shelter,be it residential flats in form and etc,because many of our citizens living near the shore,or get in the zone red," Ade said.

He said the need to think of safe housing for fishermen,based on those that fall into the middle class economy,and certainly not likely to build their own shelter,although this new discussion conducted,but the central government could,in the Ministry of Housing can be synergized with safe houses for these fishermen .

BPBD West Sumatra rate,residential building fishing is still very vulnerable,especially those areas that fall into the danger zone either from earthquakes,and tsunamis,special attention for fishermen housing became a concern of the party.

It is described BPBD related,existing residential developments coastal area of the province,especially after the earthquake in 2009,which makes the programs continually improved disaster preparedness in the land,to minimize the impact of natural disasters .

"It has a lot of shelters are built,either from the government or private or public,but for the fishermen living around the shoreline,would need attention,therefore we would encourage the construction of residential flats fishing this region," he said.

Accordingly,based on existing data in 2013,the government of West Sumatra province,through the help of the central government also planned to construct 20 temporary evacuation or shelter in the event of an earthquake and tsunami.

However BNPB West Sumatra assess need more shelter,the construction of residential flats in the area can minimizes fishing that can occur from natural disasters,because currently about one million people still living area of the coast or the red zone,and approximately 500 people were in Padang city. (*)Translation by Cici Revalin@


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